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Mazor X Provides a Different Approach to Spine Surgery

Apr 28 2022

Those in the Toledo, Ohio area suffering from painful back conditions now have local access to an advanced surgical system that can make routine and commonly performed surgery less invasive. 

This is because Mercy Health – St. Vincent Medical Center is excited to be the first in this area to offer minimally invasive spine surgery with the Mazor X™ Stealth Edition Robotic Guidance System, as part of the Mercy Health – Neuroscience Institute, Toledo.  

“We perform some of the most life-saving and complex brain surgeries. But we can also perform relatively simple spine surgeries that can be life-altering for someone with chronic incapacitating pain,” Xin S. Xin, DO, one of our neurosurgeons, shares. “I’m thrilled to offer patients even more minimally invasive options for spine surgery than my current practice using robotic assistance so we can get them healed faster, with less pain, less risk of complications and a quicker return to their normal lives.”

This surgical robot technology provides surgeons with software planning, a robotic arm to precisely guide the placement of implants during complex spine surgeries as well as real-time imaging feedback to ensure procedures go as planned. The high degree of accuracy throughout this surgical procedure can provide better outcomes for patients compared to other traditional spine surgeries.

“I am involved with treating a wide variety of conditions ranging from severe trauma to nerve impingement, to cancers of the spine among other things. Specifically, at St. Vincent Medical Center, the complexity and variety of spinal conditions we see and treat are generally more complex than that of other community-based spine surgeons,” Zubair Ahammad, DO, one of our spine surgeons, shares. “The Mazor X robot is the latest of the technological advances in spine surgery that allow us to utilize a robotic arm with GPS-style navigation within the patient’s spinal anatomy to place hardware for procedures requiring the spine to be fixated together with screws and rods. This technology allows for greater precision, improved safety, less invasiveness and great efficiency while performing these surgeries.”

All and all, Mazor X allows patients to get back on their feet faster and back to doing what they love.

Learn more about the neurology and neurosurgery services we offer at Mercy Health.

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