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Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Jun 6 2018

Sweet, tart and bright, lemon adds a burst of flavor almost anywhere you use it — even in a refreshing glass of plain water. You know that staying hydrated is an important part of being healthy. But did you also know that drinking lemon water may offer health benefits beyond helping you get your eight glasses a day? This citrus superstar might have more wellness-boosting effects than you realize. Here’s the scoop on how drinking a glass of lemon water each morning may play a role in helping you get healthy.

Lemon water benefits

If you’re thinking about making lemon water a part of your daily routine, it helps to know the benefits you can enjoy from it. These fruits are packed with vitamin C, calcium, potassium and B vitamins — all of which your body needs to stay healthy. Lemon water can also:

  • Help your digestive system work better by rehydrating you and lessening symptoms of indigestion, such as heartburn and bloating
  • Lead to clearer, blemish-free skin by increasing the amount of proteins in your skin that keep it smooth
  • Provide vitamin C and potassium to strengthen your immune system
  • Increase your metabolism to help you maintain a healthy weight
  • Freshen your breath by limiting gum swelling and redness
  • Reduce stress and help you relax — this is due to the vitamin C, which can help your body recover after it produces stress hormones

Does lemon water live up to all the hype?

Clearer skin and smoother digestion are great side effects of drinking lemon water. However, some people believe that the benefits of sipping this drink extend beyond the basics outlined above. There are theories that lemon can balance the levels of acid in your body, remove toxins from your cells, cure cancer or even increase your IQ. It’s important to remember that these claims don’t have scientific research to back them. Drinking lemon water won’t miraculously cure illnesses. But the benefits that scientists know lemon has are enough to give you a hydrating health boost.

How to make lemon water

It’s a breeze to make lemon water. It does involve a bit more preparation than simply squeezing a lemon wedge over your glass — which is great in a pinch! To get the most benefits from your lemon water, use every part of the fruit in the beverage. Whip up a large pitcher to keep on hand for easy sipping all day long. Here’s how to get started. You’ll need:

  • A 2-quart pitcher
  • Two or three large lemons
  • A sharp knife

Here’s how to make your lemon water:

  1. Rinse the lemons and pat them dry. Slice the fruit into wedges.
  2. Fill the pitcher with 2 quarts of cool water.
  3. Squeeze the lemon wedges over a strainer to catch the seeds. Let the juice and pulp run into the pitcher.
  4. Add the lemon wedges to the pitcher.
  5. Let the fruit water steep in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. You’ll infuse the water with healthy juice, fiber and oils. Remove the wedges before pouring yourself a glass.

Drinking lemon water isn’t the only healthy way to feel invigorated. Visit today to make an appointment with a primary care doctor or specialist. We’ll work together to set your health goals and figure out the best ways to meet them.

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