Brittany Glover, RT (R), MHS

Brittany Steps Up and Helps a Patient Receive a Life-Saving Procedure

Aug 31 2022

Brittany Glover, RT (R), MHS, (pictured above) is the director of imaging at Mercy Health – Anderson Hospital and Mercy Health – Clermont Hospital.

“To say Brittany exemplifies our ministry’s Mission is an understatement,” Susan Arnold, MSN, RN, CNML, a coworker of Brittany’s, says. “She continually tries to think outside of the box to provide the best possible care to our patients, especially those that are poor and underserved.”

Susan continues, “one time, a patient without means or social support came to the hospital needing a procedure and was potentially going to be cancelled due to circumstances outside of his control. Brittany took charge to find a solution that was both safe and compassionate, understanding the patient challenges and dynamics that would otherwise prevent the individual from having the care he needed. I love her heart and compassion for doing what’s best.”

The patient was scheduled for a procedure that required them to be monitored by someone for 24 hours after the procedure, a role typically filled by a friend or family member. Unfortunately, he did not have the support system at home and was facing a possible postponement or even cancellation of the procedure.

“This pulled at my heart,” Brittany shares. “I couldn’t imagine having to face a procedure that may have devastating, life-changing results and having no support at home, let alone run the risk of not having such an important procedure to uncover the next steps in his health journey. We are called to serve those who are poor and underserved. I considered this an ‘underserved’ patient and knew we had to get creative to ensure he had this procedure completed.”

Brittany reached out to colleagues for possible options. With the support of her peers, the patient successfully had the procedure and ended up staying overnight in the hospital to be safely observed for any post-procedural complications.

“Brittany has an impact that far outreaches her areas of responsibility,” Susan says. “She truly lives the Mission of our organization, and I am a better person by knowing her.”

Brittany also takes on multiple community service projects annually, such as a backpack school supply drive and an annual Christmas giving campaign to help those in the community or at our facilities who are poor or underserved, so they can be less burdened by the financial implications around the holidays.

“Have you had that experience when you walk down the hallway and, in the distance, you see an individual and you immediately start to smile? That is Brittany!” Susan describes. “She is the kind of individual you want to be associated with, as her demeanor and light shines bright with all of her interactions.” 

Brittany adds, “I’m a firm believer that all health care team members should be here to serve others. It is an absolute privilege to be able to care for people when they are facing one of the most difficult and vulnerable times of their lives. My goal is to be a servant leader. I want to leave things better than I found them. I strive to do what is best for our patients and our team with every decision I make, they are my ‘why.’”

Brittany recently received a Leader Award in the Called to Shine program, our ministry’s digital recognition program which allows our team members to recognize anyone across the ministry at any time with personalized messages. Our leaders can also allocate points to the recognitions they send, and employees can redeem these points for merchandise, experiences and much more.

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