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David Doesn’t Let His Knee Pain Hold Him Back

Oct 12 2023

David Perin (pictured above, left) is a man with an impressive resume – a US Air Force veteran, retired science teacher and football coach. However, his most cherished role is that of grandfather.

David’s enthusiasm for life has always been boundless, except for one major obstacle that gradually grew more troublesome over time – chronic knee pain. Yet, David’s determination to keep enjoying life remained unshaken, and he was not going to let pain hold him back. Still, David’s knee issues were nothing short of a challenge.

“The mechanical part separated from the tibia, leading to a rocking motion, and it had loosened over the years,” David explains.

He waited too long to get surgery on one knee, resulting in significant deterioration. This meant not only knee reconstruction but also a longer recovery time. But having undergone two surgeries on each knee, David was no stranger to the operating room.

David did his research and came across Benjamin Boothby, DO (pictured above, right), an orthopedic trauma surgeon with a background in football and wrestling, which immediately sparked a connection.

“He was relatable, engaging and I felt comfortable with him,” David shares. “He explained things really well and once he got to know me and my understanding of anatomy, he explained even more detail.”

Out of all the surgeries David had undergone, he firmly believes that this one was the best and quickest in terms of recovery. He attributes this to Dr. Boothby’s surgical techniques and a special wound VAC, along with David’s own knowledge of recovery.

A wound VAC is a special system used to speed up the healing of wounds by gently drawing out excess fluids.

“In David’s case I supplemented his dressing with a wound VAC to decrease excessive drainage of the wound, help prevent infection and promote healing from the inside out,” Dr. Boothby explains.

The lessons David had learned from previous surgeries about the importance of flexibility and quick mobility played a significant role in his quick recovery.

“David was everything you hope for in a patient,” Dr. Boothby adds. “He was determined to achieve a great surgical outcome. From day one after surgery, he was motivated to regain flexibility and strength.”

After just one night in the hospital, David wasted no time getting back on his feet, even if it meant dealing with some initial discomfort. He couldn’t thank his wife enough for being his rock throughout the recovery process, cheering him on and lending a hand with stretching exercises to improve his mobility.

“A solid support system is a game-changer,” he stresses.

And to this day, David keeps up with therapy, stretching and strength exercises, understanding that staying flexible is an ongoing commitment.

There are still some activities that pose a bit of a challenge, like climbing stairs, but David tackles them head-on with caution and determination.

His advice to anyone going through a similar journey is simple: “You’ve got to keep pushing forward and take the next step.”

Only five weeks after surgery, David went on an ‘East Coast tour’ with his 13-year-old grandson. They attended multiple sporting events and even toured a battleship. Although he still used crutches at the time, his ability to explore new places is a testament to his great recovery.

David’s wife had previously received excellent care for a sprained ankle from one of our other providers, Clay Carmody, MD. So, when David experienced ankle pain, seeking Dr. Carmody’s expertise was a no-brainer, finding an added bonus that he practiced in the same office as Dr. Boothby.

Given his recent surgeries, David requested a non-surgical solution for his ankle for now. Dr. Carmody delivered by providing him with a custom Arizona brace that significantly alleviated his pain. This allowed David to walk without favoring his ankle, enabling him to explore Pittsburgh and even attend a Pirates game, marking the most extended walking he had done in a long time.

In David’s words, “I would give a five-star review to both providers,” reflecting his immense gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Boothby and Dr. Carmody.

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