Becky Simpson

Becky Finds the Physical and Mental Breast Cancer Care She Needs

Oct 18 2022

Becky Simpson was diagnosed in October of 2021 with stage 1 invasive lobular carcinoma. It’s the second-most common type of breast cancer behind invasive ductal carcinoma.  

“I was lucky because my cancer was caught early,” she says. “It was too small to feel, but my annual mammogram detected it. My diagnosis was particularly ironic because my husband was going through cancer treatment for kidney cancer himself. So, when he finished his radiation therapy, I was just starting mine.”

Becky had surgery on Dec. 17, 2021, and from there it was decided she needed radiation therapy.

“I worked with Dr. Suketu Patel at Mercy Health — Perrysburg Cancer Center, which is just a car ride from my hometown in Defiance, Ohio,” Becky shares. “I went through five rounds of radiation therapy. Going through the cancer process for my husband’s diagnosis made my cancer journey much easier. I knew the staff and the process of radiation therapy, so I felt very prepared.”

Becky feels that our team members at the cancer center is so wonderful, very friendly, compassionate and understanding.

“My husband’s nurse navigator was Kelly, and I was glad to be able to work with her through my cancer journey as well,” Becky says. “She helped make sure appointments were scheduled and everything was moving forward with my treatment as well as my follow-up appointments.”

Kelly also helped get Becky into our oncology rehabilitation therapy program. She felt so blessed to be referred to this program since there is only one other location in the state that offers this.

“My therapist, Joany, taught me techniques for lymphatic drainage for my arms to reduce swelling and other preventative techniques,” Becky shares. “I just feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with oncology rehabilitation and therapy for both my physical and mental health.”

Joany Reno, Becky’s physical therapist, adds, “we recognize the need for oncology-based therapy programs, which are designed specifically for patients with all types of cancer diagnoses, in all phases of treatment.

Joany continues, “our program addresses the complete rehabilitation need of our patients, allowing our team to treat multiple symptoms and create a customized plan of care to help mitigate long-term issues like lymphedema, fibrosis, pain and neuropathy and restricted range of motion. Even years after your treatment, we can help to manage conditions caused by cancer treatments.”

Learn more about the cancer care services we offer at Mercy Health as well as our physical therapy services.

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