Debbie Pollander, RN, standing next to the infant care station.

Care Station Protects Newborns from COVID-19 Exposure

Jun 19 2020

As newborn babies are delivered via caesarean section, or C-section, during the COVID-19 pandemic, our teams are focused on the safety of both mom and baby. To provide the lowest risk of virus exposure for mothers, Mercy Health—St. Joseph Warren Hospital started performing c-sections in the main operating rooms, which are on an entirely different floor from maternity services.

But then how could newborns be safely transported through the hospital to the nursery? In an infant care station of course!

The hospital quickly purchased this special infant care station to safely move newborns. It serves as both an isolette, to protect the baby against germs, and an incubator, which maintains environmental conditions suitable for a baby.

“The infant care station is important because it protects the newborn from germs and maintains their temperature, something that is needed not just during COVID-19,” shares Debbie Pollander, RN, nurse manager of maternity services.

The infant care station was purchased with funds from the Mercy Health Foundation. We so appreciate the donors who contributed to help us safely transport our tiniest patients.

“With this isolette, we can place the baby in it immediately, and they can use it until they are discharged,” says Anna Klejka, director of women’s and children’s services.

Learn more about Mercy Health’s commitment to childbirth safety during COVID-19.

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