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Jessica Feels Supported in Her Post-Hysterectomy Care

Jun 9 2022

After Jessica Gossard (above, left) had a hysterectomy, she followed up with Katie Ackerman, PA-C (above, right), at Mercy Health – Findlay Obstetrics and Gynecology.  

“When you’re at an OB office, you’re very vulnerable. Katie makes you feel like you’re friends, sitting and talking, drinking a cup of coffee,” Jessica shares. “She is not a pushy individual. She gives you her advice and then gives options to make you feel in control of the decisions you’re making for your health. It’s really nice to have that feeling toward your medical provider.”

Katie adds, “one of the most important reasons why I decided to become a physician assistant was so I could take a few extra minutes to hear my patients’ concerns and work together with them to develop a plan of care. I love that my career encourages teamwork between myself as well as my collaborating physician and patients.”

When Jessica had her hysterectomy, she was able to keep both of her ovaries. However, they found a large, non-cancerous cyst on her right one which needed to be surgically removed.

Katie talked to Jessica, walked her through her options and made sure Jessica was aware of all of them. She even asked Jessica if she wanted a blood test to ensure the cyst was non-cancerous.

“My goal in this field is to change that dynamic to the best of my ability, making the clinic a comfortable place where my patients can communicate openly,” Katie says. “A place where their thoughts and concerns are heard and used to form their individual treatment plan.”

And for Jessica, Katie’s attention to detail sets her apart from other providers.

“I had a set of twins and ‘baby B’ was stillborn. She was the first of my medical providers to mention my child to me,” Jessica recalls. “I knew she had taken the time to read my medical record, which was mind-blowing to me. I love her for that. I think the building could be on fire and she would still be making sure that you’re feeling comfortable. You can tell by the way she talks to you that she cares.”

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