Andrea Gwyn

Andrea’s Story of Family, Impact and Mentorship

Feb 27 2023

As we celebrate Black History Month, we wanted to take time and spotlight Andrea Gwyn, our hospital president at Mercy Health – St. Anne Hospital and Mercy Health – Perrysburg Hospital. Andrea is a true trailblazer in health care. Her achievements are a testament to the importance of representation and diversity in leadership.

Andrea’s story is one of family, impact and mentorship. 

Her great grandmother, a graduate of Caflin College (now University) in 1920, paved the way for her family’s expectation and support to utilize your gifts, talents and education to make an impact. Andrea is grateful to leverage her gifts and talents to improve health care outcomes within the community.

Through both mentorship and sponsorship, Andrea quickly rose through the ranks, becoming an early leader in health care. Andrea is grateful to her mentors, who have provided her with opportunities and feedback to learn and grow into the leader she is today. 

Andrea believes “to whom much is given, much is expected” and currently serves a mentor for several early careerists. Her experience has taught her that representation and diverse perspectives are essential in health care.

“We are intentional when we make health care management decisions,” Andrea shares.

She continues, “when we have a key stakeholder such as a physician or a nurse at the table, we want to make sure we have inclusivity of viewpoints. That’s no different from ensuring we have representation of individuals from different nationalities or backgrounds at the table. Their perspectives may be different, but embracing their perspective is important because we strive to take care of all patients.”

Andrea’s journey to becoming a hospital president is a true inspiration to us all. Her story highlights the importance of education, impact, mentorship and representation in leadership. As we celebrate Black History Month, we honor Andrea and all the other trailblazing women and people of color who have made an impact in health care and beyond.

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