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Heidi Excited About Her New Opportunity as a Nurse Practitioner

May 25 2022

“I was inspired to become a nurse, and more recently a nurse practitioner, because of the wonderful care that my own family has received over the years,” Heidi Blanton shares. “From a brain tumor, to cancer, to end-of-life care, there were caring, compassionate professionals to guide us along the way. It is for this reason that I am committed to addressing my patients’ concerns and questions thoroughly.”

Heidi’s experience in nursing includes inpatient medical care, cancer care and hospice care. And now, we are excited she is continuing her career as nurse practitioner at our Mercy Health – Family Physicians of Springfield location.

“The most rewarding aspect of practicing family medicine for me is seeing my patients improve their lives and enjoy more of what they love,” Heidi explains.

Heidi began her career with our ministry in 2013 as a nurse at Mercy Health – Springfield Regional Medical Center. After practicing in this community for almost a decade, she is excited for the opportunity to continue caring for this area that she has grown to know and respect.

“I am most excited for the opportunity to partner with my patients to provide excellent care that improves outcomes,” she adds.

Heidi wants her patients to know that they are an important part of their own care team. Also, that it is important to create a care plan that not only follows evidence-based practices, but also addresses patient-specific concerns and needs.

“Mutual trust is an essential component of the provider-patient relationship,” Heidi says.

There was one particular time when Heidi was a nurse working in a hospice home care that made an impact on her and her approach to care.

“The entire family was there, everyone was anxious and emotional, and you could feel the tension in the room,” she recalls. “After speaking with the patient and completing my assessment, I began to address the patient’s questions and concerns. The family members all chimed in with their own concerns. After carefully listening, I spoke to each in turn. By the time I left that day, the family, including the patient, were smiling and relaxed. The diagnosis did not change, but the information and the emotion certainly did. It was then I realized how important communication was to the wellbeing of the patient and the family. I then vowed to always maintain a high standard for my communication from that day forward.”

In her free time, Heidi enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs.

“We are avid baseball fans and love to attend concerts and travel. I am also a podcast and audiobook junkie!”

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