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Breaking Down the Benefits of Hip Reconstruction with Dr. Bansal

Mar 4 2022

For those suffering with the pain, inflammation and damage caused by osteoarthritis, there are days that just seem unbearable.

However, Ankit Bansal, MD, with Mercy Health – Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, Kenwood, shares there is hope and relief available with the hip reconstruction service he offers.

“When things start developing into a painful limp during and after activity, or if your leg is starting to give out, then it’s time to make the call to get help,” Dr. Bansal says. “Groin pain, or anterior thigh pain, are the most common complaints I see. Pain radiating to the side or back of the hip is also possible. Discomfort during walking, climbing and descending stairs, getting in and out of your car, or even tying your shoes or putting on socks are also warning signs. If this all coincides with a physical exam and X-ray findings, then hip reconstruction is an excellent, reliable treatment option.”

What’s unique about the treatment Dr. Bansal offers is that he provides nearly all the types of procedures available for the hip. The most performed procedure is the direct anterior hip replacement. It’s the least invasive and fastest recovery operation for most patients.

However, not all patients qualify for this approach. In rare cases like this, Dr. Bansal will still perform the lateral or posterior approaches. In addition, he performs revision replacements for the challenging cases when things haven’t gone well, if patients are still in pain despite surgery or if repeat injury has occurred following a previous hip replacement.

Hip reconstruction is one of the most predictable and fastest recovering orthopedic operations. The predictable nature and the return to normal life are the most rewarding things for Dr. Bansal. In fact, it’s one of the reasons he chose to focus on the hip.

Dr. Bansal is continually working to achieve a complete understanding of the hip, from its mechanism to any and all therapeutic interventions. Understanding hip preservation, and its original mechanisms of pain, help him tailor hip reconstruction for each patient uniquely.

After surgery Dr. Bansal suggests a calculated return to walking and stairs for the first six weeks.

“From there, a ramp up period,” he adds. “So, by three months, patients are clear to ski, climb and swing drivers in their golf game. I essentially place no restrictions on activity thereafter. The quality of life improved from this operation is considerable and is often quoted to be one of the best among orthopedic or non-orthopedic operations.”

Hip reconstruction isn’t the only procedure patients can discuss with Dr. Bansal. He also performs hip preservation procedures, which is the science of fixing hip pain without need for replacement. There are also hip arthroscopies as well as periacetabular osteotomy. Dr. Bansal is one of two such surgeons in Cincinnati, Ohio that perform this procedure.

If you live in the Cincinnati area and are experiencing hip pain, make an appointment with Dr. Bansal today by calling 513-347-9999 or booking online.

Also, learn about all the orthopedic hip care services we offer at Mercy Health.

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