Krista Ventresco with care team members

Years of Infusion Treatments Lead to Unbreakable Friendships

Jun 29 2022

For the past nine years, Krista Ventresco has been coming to the Mercy Health – St. Elizabeth Youngstown Medical Infusion Center twice a week, every week.

This medical infusion center provides a multitude of services, primarily for those in need of IV or injection medications. The list of treatments and services range from antibiotics and multivitamins to port flushes and blood draws.

Krista has a high output ileostomy, which means she has a high number of fluids that cannot be absorbed into her body. Each week, the treatment Krista receives works to not only drain these fluids, but to also provide hydration for her body. The hydration Krista receives keeps her from needing dialysis and being hospitalized.

“When I don’t go, I get cramps, dizziness – everything you would get from dehydration,” Krista explains. “It allows my body to function properly and it even allows me to continue working.”

Although Krista needs this treatment for her body to function properly, it is our team members and facility that keep her coming back to Mercy Health – St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital for treatment.

“They treat you like family. They are just amazing,” Krista says.

“They are smart, dedicated and, most of all, kind and compassionate. They are such a big part of my life, and I am grateful for every single one of them. They are the absolute best of the best. I am so blessed to know so many of them and get such great care.”

“They are very aware and notice when things are different with me,” Krista says about how the team is able to personalize her care. “The familiarity that they have with me – it shows that they truly know me.”

This year, they not only did they remembered Krista’s birthday, but they even had a birthday sign and gluten-free Oreo cookies ready for her when she arrived at the center.

The goal of the infusion center is to not only provide treatment for those who need it, but also to keep patients comfortable while receiving their treatment. Each patient who comes in for treatment is given a private bay to use during their stay. Each bay is equipped with anything the patient might need, all the way from personal recliners and heated blankets to private televisions and comfort snacks.

“I enjoy going to the main campus, as it’s closer to where I am,” Krista shares. “The outpatient parking is very convenient and makes for a short walk to the infusion center.”

Overall, it’s this combination of the charismatic, compassionate team members as well as the convenience and comfort of the facility that keeps Krista coming back every week. And after nine years of treatment, she encourages anyone who may be looking for IV or injection medications to visit the St. Elizabeth Youngstown Medical Infusion Center to see how they can help.  

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