David Currier and Sarah Wells

Blood Pressure Scare Leads David to His New Primary Care Provider

Jul 15 2021

What seemed like a typical visit to the dentist quickly turned into a trip to the Mercy Health — Sylvania Medical Center Emergency Department for David Currier.

“I went to get a tooth pulled, but my dentist wouldn’t go through with the procedure because my blood pressure was high. In fact, it was 234/126,” David says. “I immediately called my wife and went directly to the emergency department.”

At Sylvania Medical Center Emergency Department, David found a one-stop shop. There, he received his EKG, blood work, x-ray and cat scan. The process was seamless and handed-off from one person to the next.

“Everyone was so polite from the moment I walked through the doors. I felt more relaxed just sitting there talking to the team members then worrying about the situation at hand… it made for a really great experience during a scary time,” David shares. “My results came back quickly too.”

The very next morning at 8 a.m., David had an appointment with Sarah Wells, CNP, at Mercy Health – Waterville Primary Care. David and Sarah hit it off right away. David felt that she really listened and spent lots of time making sure he was prescribed the correct medication for his blood pressure.

“Before I left, I told her, ‘you’re going to be my doctor,’” David says.

A week later, David was back visiting his dentist and his blood pressure was still slightly elevated. He called Sarah at Waterville Primary Care right away.

“Sarah called me on her lunch and asked how I was feeling. She then explained that we needed to give my new blood pressure medication some time to work,” David shares. “I went back to visit Sarah a week later and my blood pressure was right where it was supposed to be.”

Sarah shares that David’s case is more common than you would think.

“Many times, I see patients who had no idea they have high blood pressure until they visit their dentist and are then told to see a doctor,” she says. “I was really glad I was able to get David in and get his blood pressure under control. It was a pleasure to see him and I enjoyed our visit. My number one goal is to help my patients improve their health while also feeling their best. I look forward to continuing to help David improve his health!”

David adds, “There are other doctors’ offices that are closer to me than Waterville, but Sarah is worth the drive!”

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