Maitham Moslim, MD,

Dr. Moslim Overcomes Great Obstacles to Help Others

Sep 28 2022

“As the oldest son to a couple who were forced to flee their country during war, I was taught that success in life is never to be taken for granted,” Maitham Moslim, MD, shares.

Dr. Moslim is a hepato-pancreato-biliary oncology surgeon joining Mercy Health – Perrysburg Surgical Specialists.

“Despite a seemingly slim chance of success coming from a country torn by war, my faith remains in my ability to embrace every opportunity,” Dr. Moslim shares. “After graduating from high school with the second rank honor among 48,000 students in the nation, I was given a scholarship to study at Damascus University. Through hard work and dedication, I graduated first in my class from medical school during the Syrian civil war in 2012. Despite war and hardship, I took all the commitments necessary in my professional career to achieve this goal of mine, to become a doctor that treats cancer.”

Dr. Moslim’s goal is to introduce minimally invasive procedures to his patients as it relates to improved cancer-free survival and enhanced recovery.

“I chose to receive a heavy training in hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) surgery and robotic surgery,” Dr. Moslim says. “After completing this extensive nine years of training, I am very excited and humbled to join Mercy Health to serve patients with HPB disorders and cancer.”

He continues, “the challenges I went through taught me not to give up in any battle especially when it comes to serving and helping patients with cancer.”

There is no doubt that Dr. Moslim has a passion for using his knowledge and minimally invasive technical skills to serve patients.

“I come to this ministry with the intention to provide the standard of care and best available treatment to patients with HPB and GI cancer,” he says.

Dr. Moslim treats liver and pancreatic cancer and specializes in treating esophagus, stomach and colorectal cancers. He also treats benign disorders of the liver and pancreas and is trained in performing complex endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures.  

“I perform minimally invasive procedures using laparoscopy and the DaVinci Robot,” Dr. Moslim explains. “This robot allows for smaller incisions and a quicker recovery, while guaranteeing oncological concepts and maintaining standard of care.”

Dr. Moslim values the connection he forms with his patients throughout their treatment journey.

“Once you see me and know me, you are like a family member,” he says. “I have been through cancer journeys with my own family, and I know how hard these times are. I will be here for you and your family.”

He adds, “I’m a human before being a doctor and I am a doctor before being a surgical oncologist. I want my patients to reach out to me with any medical problem. I want you to know that my team and I are here for you, especially when it seems all doors are closed, and you cannot figure it out. It is my privilege and honor to have your trust to take care of you or your loved one.”

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