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3 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Aug 16 2021

Start the school year off right with plenty of lunch ideas for kids that are nutritious, simple to make and delicious, too. If you’re looking for healthy lunch box ideas for kids, consider these three yummy options.

Silly-face sandwich

Who says cold lunch ideas for kids can’t be fun and healthy? Creating a silly face with your sandwich ingredients makes eating veggies fun. And when kids get to help make these sandwiches, you can be sure they’ll want to eat them.

Start by spreading whole grain bread or toast with low-fat cream cheese. Use grated carrot or veggie sprouts for the hair, and make eyes out of sliced cucumbers, olives or hard-boiled eggs. Use a cherry tomato half for the nose and create a mouth from sliced apple or red bell pepper.

With so many creative options, this sandwich is sure to tickle your child’s funny bone and taste buds.

PB and B rollups

For a healthier take on a classic PB and J sandwich, try peanut butter and banana roll-ups. This kid-friendly lunch idea for school is easy to make and just right for the picky eater. In fact, most kids can do it themselves, with a little guidance from mom or dad.

Mix two tablespoons of your favorite nut butter with one teaspoon honey and spread across a whole wheat tortilla. If you like a little crunch, sprinkle on a light layer of granola. Then, peel a banana and cut off the tips. Place it in the center of the tortilla and roll it up like a burrito. Slice into one-inch rolls for the perfect lunchtime bites.

Bento boxes

Are you looking for packed lunch ideas for kids that can get you through an entire week? Enter bento boxes.

These handy lunch boxes are divided into several small compartments. You can prepare ingredients and pack bento boxes for a few days or for the whole week. When it comes to fillers, the sky’s the limit. This makes bento boxes one of the best school lunch ideas for picky eaters.

Ingredients can include:

  • Fruits like grapes, berries, kiwi, or sliced apples, peaches or pears
  • Raw veggies like carrots, celery, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, bell peppers or snow peas
  • Whole grain crackers or tortilla chips
  • Low-fat cheese cubes or slices
  • Diced turkey or chicken
  • Mixed nuts
  • Whole wheat pretzels

To keep your kids’ lunch items safe from spoiling, look for insulated bento boxes and lunch bags. These products come in an array of designs and colors so kids of all ages can eat lunch in style. To make lunchtime extra fun, let your kids pick out their own lunch bags and boxes.

These back-to-school healthy lunch ideas are fun to make and full of flavor.

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