How Abigail Lost Weight and Found a Healthier Lifestyle

Jan 27 2020

Abigail Winternitz joined Mercy Health as a Communications Specialist after graduating from Kent State. She was excited to begin a new chapter in her life but had no idea it would also come with losing 50 pounds in six months.

Abigail had always struggled with her weight and never thought she would be someone who would lose the extra pounds. However, a trip to her doctor raised concerns about her having high blood pressure. This led Abigail to thinking more seriously about overall health.

Getting started

Abigail decided to start with small lifestyle changes. The first thing she did was set a goal to get 10,000 steps each day and cut out sugary drinks. Abigail also took advice from a Mercy Health physician on how to lose weight in a realistic and healthy way. She began looking at food labels as well as cutting down on sugar.

Abigail notes that a lot of her success came from all the ways Mercy Health makes it easy to move around throughout her workday.

“It’s nice that I have the option to walk around instead of sitting at my desk all day,” she shares.

Abigail tries to walk on the treadmill desk for at least 30 minutes a day or use the walking trail outside her office. She also uses her standing desk and opts for healthy options in the cafeteria.

“I joined the Mercy Healthplex in Anderson and they offer a free consultation with a trainer. They gave me great ideas for exercises and how to stay motivated,” she says.

When it comes to eating healthy, Abigail says the hardest part was cutting down on carbs.

“Pasta is my favorite food, so I try to use healthier alternatives to still enjoy my favorite pasta dishes,” she shares.

Advice for others

When she was down 20 to 30 pounds down, Abigail admits she became a little obsessed with losing weight. Thus, she emphasizes the importance of losing weight in healthy ways as well as working on your overall confidence level.

Abigail also says it’s important to find what works best for you when it comes to exercise. This could mean taking group classes, working out alone, walking or something different.

Weight loss is a long but fulfilling journey. Staying motivated, looking at the big picture, and starting small will help you stay on track and finally shed the weight you’ve been wanting to.

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