Stephanie’s Transformation Story is Sure to Inspire Others

Apr 1 2024

At Mercy Health, our focus with weight loss treatment goes beyond surgery. We also help patients make lasting lifestyle changes. While our team recognizes that surgery is a tool for improving health, they also encourage patients to embrace sustainable habits for long-term well-being.

And witnessing the transformation and success stories of patients like Stephanie is a source of joy for our entire team.

Stephanie’s primary care physician and orthopedist first introduced her to the possibility of gastric sleeve surgery. Recognizing her weight was affecting her knees and overall well-being, Stephanie made the life-changing decision to undergo the surgery.

In January of 2022, weighing 321 pounds, Stephanie embarked on her pre-surgery journey of leading a healthier and happier life. Following the advice of her doctors, she underwent gastric sleeve surgery on July 5. The results were remarkable – she lost 77 pounds post-surgery.

Determined to maintain her weight loss and improve her fitness, Stephanie joined a gym and committed to a regular workout routine. She incorporated upper body weight training, yoga and beach walks into her schedule, experiencing a newfound sense of vitality and freedom.

The road to recovery after gastric sleeve surgery was not without its challenges. Stephanie had to adjust to wearing a temporary band around her stomach and follow a strict diet plan. The initial weeks post-surgery required her to consume mushy foods and prioritize hydration.

However, with perseverance and dedication, Stephanie navigated through the recovery period, gradually regaining her strength and mobility and incorporating more solid, healthy foods into her diet. Some of the best news is that since having the surgery, she no longer needs to take metformin for prediabetes, blood pressure pills or cholesterol medication.

One of the most significant changes Stephanie noticed post-surgery was her reduced urge to snack. She adopted a diet rich in fruits, protein and nutritious foods, ensuring she fueled her body with the proper nutrients to support her weight loss journey. By listening to her body and staying mindful of her dietary choices, Stephanie has maintained her progress and continue toward her health goals.

The pre-operative and post-operative care provided by our care team played a crucial role in Stephanie’s recovery journey.

From a 13-day pre-op diet to follow-up appointments with her family doctor, Stephanie received the support and guidance needed to navigate the challenges of post-surgery life. Attending preparation and recovery classes helped Stephanie stay informed and connected to a community of individuals on similar paths to wellness.

Reflecting on her journey, Stephanie acknowledges her initial fears and uncertainties before surgery. However, the life-changing impact of the surgery and the subsequent recovery process have been more than worth it. Dropping four clothing sizes and experiencing improved mobility and energy levels, Stephanie’s transformation is a testament to the power of perseverance and self-care.

As Stephanie continues her path to better health, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and a consistent routine.

Through a healthy diet, regular exercise and a supportive community, Stephanie has achieved milestones she once thought were out of reach. Her ability to enjoy activities with her grandkids and engage in physical activities she never thought possible is a testament to her resilience and determination. Overall, Stephanie’s story reminds us that transformation is within reach, and with perseverance, anything is achievable.

Our Cincinnati market is at the forefront of providing comprehensive bariatric care through both surgical and non-surgical programs. With offices in Anderson, Fairfield, Kenwood and at Mercy Health – West Hospital, and surgeries performed at Mercy Health – Anderson Hospital and The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health, our team offers services tailored to each patient’s needs and goals. 

Mohamed Dahman, MD and Yasir Khan, DO lead the surgical program in this market with Heeran Abawi, MD focused on the non-surgical program.

Learn more about the weight loss services we provide at Mercy Health.

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