Courtney Fortner, DO

“Honesty is Key”: Dr. Fortner Joins Ministry as a Family Physician

Jan 10 2022

When she was younger, Courtney Fortner, DO, represented the Unites States in international and national soccer competitions as a goalkeeper. However, after being injured multiple times, she was inspired to become someone who could treat patients like herself. It was then she decided to seek a career in medicine. 

Dr. Fortner first entered the medical field as a volunteer, then as an EMT. From there, she became an emergency room technician and then ultimately attended medical school to practice family medicine. She recently joined Mercy Health – West Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

“I love the complexities and diagnostic aspects of family medicine, as well as the relationships that I can make with my patients and their families,” Dr. Fortner shares.

She adds, “nothing is more rewarding than seeing the smiles on my patients’ faces as we laugh about something non-medically related. I also get to cheer them on in their health care journey to be healthier. It is a team effort. I will always give 100 percent and I expect the same from my patients.”

For Dr. Fortner, the bonds she shares with her patients are just as important as the healing process itself. She shares one story of how caring for multiple generations has left a lasting impression on her.

“I treated the grandchild of a patient whom I had performed hospice care for,” she shares. Originally, I had crocheted a blanket for that patient’s future grandchild. I had never seen the grandchild, but they sought me out years later for me to become their primary care provider. They even brought the blanket I made!”

As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Fortner practices evidence-based medicine, as well as osteopathic manipulative techniques (OMT) which allow the body to use its natural processes to treat chronic and acute conditions.

“I will never order inappropriate labs or medications unless I am sure they are beneficial to a patient,” she says. “The relationships I have with my patients are based on trust – honesty is key.”

When she is not practicing medicine, Dr. Fortner enjoys crocheting, attending Broadway shows and live theater productions as well as exploring Cincinnati with her husband.

To learn more about our ministry, visit the Mercy Health website.

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