Dr. Teves-Mani Enjoys Biology, Family Time and Classical Music

Mar 27 2023

Once Milagros Teves-Mani, MD, FACP, expressed a love for biology, there was no looking back!

“I was a sophomore in high school and told my dad that I loved studying living things. He said I might like medicine and that did it for me,” Dr. Teves-Mani shares.

Before joining our team at Mercy Health – Paducah Family Medicine, Dr. Teves-Mani had a very diverse career.

She started her health care journey in emergency medicine. From there she went to nursing home medicine and then turned to academics. She taught as an assistant professor of medicine and clerkship. In that role she was involved in mentorship and education of med school students and internal medicine trainees. After that she became a medical director of a multispecialty practice, then shifted her focus to transforming care at several practices and eventually population health.

Dr. Teves-Mani found that being challenged by her trainees was one of the most gratifying things in her time as a leader.

“It showed me that I did my job, and they were on their way to furthering their careers. Streamlining practices and meeting quality goals is my work passion.”

Dr. Teves-Mani brought her depth of knowledge to our ministry five years ago. And today, she specializes in primary care and internal medicine.

For her the most rewarding part is “when patients participate in their own plan for overall health.”

She adds that she loves the support of her leaders and team members every day.

Outside of work, one of Milagros’s personal passions are for plants and the joy they bring. Her favorite is “a monstera in water containers! My grandmother had a green house, and I probably inherited her green thumb.”

She continues, “when my husband is off, we love to go out to concerts and comedy shows.”

A bucket list item Dr. Teves-Mani is checking off this summer is John Williams conducting the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. The couple also considers themselves “foodies” and loves meeting up with their daughters for the weekend.

“I am an old soul when it comes to music. I love classical, Baroque and to tango,” Dr. Teves-Mani says.  

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