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Meet Dr. George: An Expert in Joint Replacement Surgery

Mar 29 2022

Joseph W. George Jr., MD, joined our Lorain market in August of 2021 and has been practicing medicine in the area since 2007. As an orthopedic surgeon, he is also fellowship trained in adult reconstruction and joint replacements

Dr. George was inspired by his mother, Janet, to pursue a career in medicine. In fact, he vividly recalls how she worked full-time and nights as an LPN while she earned her RN degree. This had a profound impact on him.

“I remember the dedication and enthusiasm she brought to her life’s calling, as well as the sacrifices she willingly made to fulfill her dreams. She would go on to work as an OB nurse for upwards of 25 years. … I was mesmerized by her anatomy books – especially the chapters on the musculoskeletal system. Then, after I broke 14 bones during various sports seasons, I became intrigued by orthopedics.”

The medical field has grown and changed since Dr. George first started his career. However, patients are the reason he loves to practice medicine.

“When the patients come to see me, they are suffering,” he explains. “After their joint replacement and rehabilitation, what brings me satisfaction is seeing them get back to living their lives – whether it’s walking their dog, golfing or taking their grandchildren to the zoo. Seeing them unburdened of their pain and enjoying their lives is what drives me.”

He continues, “I especially enjoy receiving photographs of my patients doing the things that they were unable to do prior to their surgery. I keep them as a reminder of the impact that my role in the medical field allows me to make in the lives of others – an impact that my mom first revealed to me and that she held dear.”

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many surgeries being postponed or canceled. While bed shortages and surges of illnesses were occurring, the joint issues Dr. George’s patients were experiencing did not go away.

“Being denied the ability to impact changes in the lives of our patients has made me appreciate the impact I can make, and I hope to never take that for granted again,” he shares.  

If Dr. George wasn’t a provider, he isn’t quite sure what he would be doing. To him, his love and interest in medicine was inherited from his mother.

“My mother embodied a sense of dedication and service to the field of medicine that inspired me to go medical school. As a nurse she was compassionate, caring and selfless. Over her career, she assisted in the delivery of multiple generations of Lorain-born children. She truly believed in her purpose, and it is my hope that I can honor her legacy of care.”

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Gary M. Lacko

We would appreciate a phone number for Dr. George to schedule an appointment.
December 08th, 2021 | 8:19pm

Mercy Health

Hi Gary, here is Dr. George's contact information: https://www.mercy.com/find-a-doctor/physicians/joseph-w-george-jr/287752
December 10th, 2021 | 10:15am

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