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Meet Dr. George: An Expert in Joint Replacement Surgery

Nov 16 2021

After sustaining 13 broken bones while growing up, Joseph George, MD, was inspired to enter the field of orthopedics. Later, intrigued by the skill and discipline needed in the operating room, Dr. George avidly sought to become an expert in joint replacement surgery.

“The accuracy and precision required to perform joint replacements appeals to my meticulous, problem-solving nature,” Dr. George shares. “Though the principles remain the same, every joint replacement is an entity unto itself. They are all unique puzzles, and each poses its own distinct challenges.”  

At the beginning of his training, Dr. George complete a fellowship in the orthopedic subspecialty of adult reconstruction. This subspecialty entails total hip and knee replacements, revisions of loosened or failed joints, the treatment of infected joints and complex reconstructions when fractures and bone loss occur around joint replacements. 

Originally from Lorain, OH, Dr. George is beyond happy to be returning home to serve those in his community.

“I am excited to bring world-class joint replacement expertise to my hometown – specifically to Mercy Health – Lorain Hospital,” he shares. “And above all else, I am honored to be able to care for the people I grew up with: school mates, family acquaintances, friends and their parents and grandparents. They have known me for my entire life, and it always brings a smile to my face when I am addressed as ‘Joey’ in the hallways by someone who knew me from long ago. That is when I know I am home.”

Dr. George mostly sees patients for hip or knee pain, and specializes in partial knee replacements, total knee replacements, anterior total hip replacements, painful joint replacements, infected joints as well as complex joint revisions. 

“I have seen many challenging cases over the years,” Dr. George shares. “Though these cases are technically difficult and require a great deal of planning, I believe this is where I can best be of service. I have built my practice by taking on cases that others do not want to do.”

For Dr. George, healing is not just about treatment – it is about getting patients back to doing what they love most. He accomplishes this by partnering with them during the decision-making process.

“I have never told a patient they ‘need’ a joint replacement. It is their life; I’m merely there to help them enjoy it,” Dr. George says.  

He adds, “receiving photos of patients who are able to do what they were not able to do before I operated on them – whether that is taking their grandkids to a pumpkin patch, walking their dogs, dancing with their spouse or escorting their daughter down the aisle at their wedding – that is the most rewarding aspect of what I do.”

When Dr. George is not practicing medicine, he enjoys cooking, vacationing and attending live theatre with his wife and children. He also enjoys tending his Italian Spinoni and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. An avid adventurer, he constantly longs for big game hunting in the mountains, fly and deep-sea fishing as well as creative writing.

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