Strong Leaders Forge Strong Leaders Like Jana

Mar 14 2023

Jana Martin is all about relationships. Forming them, maintaining them, nurturing them – all for the greater good.

As a director of community relations for Mercy Health – Tiffin Hospital and Mercy Health – Willard Hospital, she spends her days “serving as a hospital liaison on multiple community committees, and providing leadership over local business and community outreach initiatives.”

Her work building relationships outside of the hospital walls allows us to further our Mission in the communities we serve.

And with more than a decade of experience under her belt, her Rolodex is pretty full.

It’s a unique role and one that comes with its own set of challenges. Challenges that demand leadership and foresight – both of which Jana has in spades. She credits a large group of female leaders throughout her career for the guidance and confidence building necessary to cultivate a career rooted in making an impact.

“Former and current leaders in the ministry have shaped me over the years,” she says. “Their various leadership styles, attitudes, ideas and determination have influenced me as I continue my journey today.”

But much like relationships, leadership isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept.

“I have had leaders who have not only looked at the need to provide care differently, but also observed data and outcomes as to where, why and how that difference was made,” Jana explains. “Through this, I continuously push outside of my comfort zone, looking for new ways to make a difference.”

The best leaders often lead from the background, supporting instead of directing and offering assistance instead of solutions.

“We face challenges every day, but we choose how we will overcome those – whether we will be resilient and capable or whether we struggle through them.”

Jana continues, “one leader believed in me when I struggled to believe in myself and opened my eyes to bigger and better possibilities. I have been provided great examples of servant leadership and reflect upon those when leading my team and serving our community today.”

Leadership, like relationships, requires a combination of effort and patience. But the outcomes of inspiring others to become the best versions of themselves is something that was instilled into Jana early on.

“My inspirational leaders have instilled a mindset of collaboration as being essential, emphasizing learnings from others to be considered to help achieve great things.”

If there’s something Jana can share with the next generation of female leaders, it’s this:

“Be open to new opportunities. Go outside of your comfort zone and encounter new adventures with optimism. Lead a purposeful life and make sure your cup is full – it’s impossible to serve and lead others if you aren’t serving yourself.”

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