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Sr. Carole Anne Encourages Catherine to Be the Best Version of Herself

Mar 8 2022

Not every job has highs and lows like the ones our community health team members can experience. However, not every job can provide an extreme sense of purpose and impact either.

Finding purpose in your work can be a challenging path to go down, but when you have someone to guide you, the path isn’t so daunting.

Just ask Catherine Woskobnick (pictured above, right), our ministry’s director of community health in our Lorain market. With March being Women’s History Month, we asked her what woman has provided her with inspiration to find purpose in her role with us.

My motivator and light is Sr. Carole Anne Griswold, a sister of the Humility of Mary,” Catherine shares. She is both a supporter and motivator. She was a woman that saw gifts and lights within me that I had not seen myself.”

Catherine adds, “Sr. Carole Anne gives me focus. She provides exceptional direction as she guides me in my pathway of living out our mission in our ministry.”

Inspiration is more than just emotional support, Catherine points out.

As a spiritual presence, she reminds me of God’s will and purpose in my life,” Catherine says. “She reminds me that in prayer, we hear the direction and support of God. She inspired me to assess my gifts and then encourages me to apply them to help and support the health needs of our community.”

Leading and inspiring by example is just as important, and Sr. Carole Anne Griswold (pictured above, left) is no exception to talking the talk while walking the walk.

Sr. Carole Anne Griswold, HM is the spirit, light and love of God. Her presence gives me peace. Her faith in God inspires me to listen to the calling and will that he has for me,” Catherine shares.

We don’t always get the chances to show the appreciation we’d like to with our mentors. For Catherine, here is what she would like to say to Sr. Carole Anne Griswold.

“In you Sr. Carole Anne, I see the light and love of God. I value your guidance, support and belief in my gifts. I am forever changed because I know you and have you as a presence in my life.”

As for other women looking to make a difference and be an inspiration to others, Catherine has this advice.

“When we look into the eyes of others, just as Jesus did, we pause to recognize their gifts and respect their story. By listening, by being present, we know only to acknowledge their humanness, we may gain insight into the vision of our future self. Never underestimate the story – the light and insight that someone can be in your life.”

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