Cradle Cincinnati Partnership Helps Lower Infant Mortality Rate

Apr 11 2023

Through partnerships and collaboration, our ministry is proud to be making strides to decrease infant mortality rates in Hamilton County. It is an essential strategy tied to our Mission.

“As recently as 2011, Hamilton County had the second-worst infant mortality rate in the entire country,” Gina Hemenway, executive director of community health for our Cincinnati market, shares.

She continues, “over the past 10 years, we have seen significant progress in both reducing overall infant mortality and narrowing the disparity between Black and white families who experience this loss. Our infant mortality rate is now below the national average, with 2021 reporting Hamilton County’s lowest infant mortality rate on record.”

This progress is in part thanks toCradle Cincinnati, a community-wide collective impact initiative aimed at reducing infant mortality in Hamilton County, with a specific emphasis on narrowing the disparity between Black and white infant deaths. We have proudly been a longstanding partner and funder since its inception 10 years ago.

“No single organization can solve a complex social problem like infant mortality alone – it requires a multi-faceted strategy that centers the community voice and arranges partners around a singular, shared vision,” Gina explains. “Infant mortality is an overarching indicator of a community’s health and disproportionately impacts particular populations and places. The work of Cradle Cincinnati aligns to our core mission of community well-being and our commitment to health equity.”

And we know we are an appreciated partner.

“Cradle Cincinnati values our partnership with Mercy Heath,” Meredith Shockley-Smith, executive director of Cradle Cincinnati, says. “Mercy Health has walked alongside us as strategic partners both financially and as thought leaders from the beginning of Cradle Cincinnati. Their commitment to equity in the work and heart for the mission and vision of eliminating infant mortality is an exemplar in our community.”

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