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Are You Feeling Stressed by COVID-19? Try These Tips

Mar 31 2020

It seems like COVID-19 is the top news around the county, and you might find yourself feeling some stress or anxiety about your own health or that of your loved ones.

Here are some practical ways you can support your emotional health and well-being right now.

Think “moderation” when watching media coverage of COVID-19.

It’s a good idea to check a reliable news source regularly to help you stay informed about new guidelines or community announcements. But it can be upsetting to see and hear stories about COVID-19 all day long, so be sure to take breaks.

Care for your body.

Deep breaths, stretches and meditation can be very calming. And it’s always a good idea to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, get regular exercise, get enough sleep and avoid drugs and alcohol.

Take time to relax.

Try to unwind with a fun activity, such as engaging in a hobby or listening to your favorite music.

Talk to others.

Let a supportive family member or friend know how you’re feeling and talk through your concerns with them. Cultivate healthy relationships.

Practice mindfulness.

It can be helpful to focus your energy on things that are in your control. Recognize that strong feelings about the situation will fade.

Focus on the positive.

This is the time to think positively and maintain your sense of hope. If we follow guidelines, avoid panicking and support one another, we will get through this!

For more tips, check out the CDC’s website.

Stay updated on what Mercy Health is doing related to COVID-19.

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