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How Mercy Heath Cares for Doug — And Those Around Him

Jul 30 2018

When a routine exam turns into a life-changing event.

When Doug went in for his first colonscopy, he expected it to be a routine exam.

“I didn’t think anything of it,” he said. “I just went in and had the procedure done.”

So while Doug was stunned to hear that he had colon cancer, his doctor may have been even more surprised by Doug’s reaction.

“I can’t say I reacted like anyone else,” Doug said. “When he said you have colorectal cancer, I just said looked at him and I said ‘Okay, let’s move on.’”

At that point, Doug researched all his treatment options in his hometown of Springfield, OH. He even extended his search to larger cities, such as Columbus. Though he was an employee of Mercy Health, he wanted to ensure he was getting the best treatment possible.

For Doug, choosing the best care possible was a decision that extended beyond himself. As a father, his top priority was ensuring that he would not only be there for his kids, but that he would be as healthy as he could be for them.

At the end of Doug’s search, he came back right where he started. He was confident that Mercy Health – Springfield Regional Medical Center was the best place to receive his care.

“At this point in my life, I have others that actually count on me. And it’s nice to know as I go through this, that I can count on Mercy Health,” he said. “They’ve taken care of me up to this point and I know without a doubt they will continue to take care of me.”

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