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Children’s Miracle Network: Help Us Help the Kids at Mercy Health — Children’s Hospital!

Nov 30 2018

Making kids’ lives better

When is a trampoline or a climbing structure more than just a toy? And could this toy help shape a child’s life?

For children with a sensory processing disorder, such as autism, a gym with this type of equipment gives them a chance to safely learn and play. Climbing structures enhance body awareness and motor planning skills. Meanwhile, trampolines support a child’s ability to sense movement communicated through ligaments, joints and muscles.

Though some may look at trampolines and climbing structures as mere toys, the caregivers at Mercy Health — Children’s Hospital have seen first-hand how much they can benefit children.

Meet the kids that Mercy Health — Children’s Hospital helps

For AJ, who has autism spectrum disorder, being able to spend time safely learning and playing within Mercy Health — Children’s Hospital has helped him develop into a high functioning high school student who is willing to try new and different things. He now loves to camp, rollerblade and build Legos.

For Cat, who also has autism spectrum disorder and childhood apraxia of speech, the ability to learn and play in the gym, in addition to speech therapy, helped her learn to express her needs verbally and nonverbally. Some of her favorite things include Minnie Mouse, Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony.

This year Mercy Health — Children’s Hospital, in collaboration with the Children’s Miracle Network, is hoping to expand autism gym equipment and give more kids like Cat and AJ a place to learn, play and develop.

The best part? You can help make this a possibility.

Every day between November 27th and Dec 18th you can vote for Mercy Health — Children’s Hospital at to win $50,000 to help us fund the autistic gym. The money is a gift from Credit Unions For Kids, as a project to help support sick and injured kids in the community. After you vote, don’t forget to spread the word with the hashtag #VoteforMiracles.

Your vote makes a big difference. Last year, the prize money was put toward a new incubator for the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Toledo’s children.

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