Mica Alexander

Mica’s Passion for Providing Guidance and Comfort to Patients

Jul 18 2022

Our ministry is happy to welcome Mica Alexander, a certified nurse midwife, to Mercy Health – Springfield Medical Center.

Mica was initially drawn to practice medicine because she “has always loved learning about the pregnancy process and childbirth.”

Mica chose to specialize in midwifery because of an experience she had early in her career.

“The first delivery I experienced was very cold and impersonal,” she explains. “Then, during nursing school, I witnessed a midwife delivery. I fell in love with her connection and care of the patient.”

That was when Mica knew she wanted to be the type of provider who shows empathy as well as provides education and resources.

In her most recent position, Mica served as the only internal midwife delivering in Ohio. This experience led her to an opportunity our Springfield market.

“I love that I’m at the beginning of a new venture at Mercy Health,” she shares. “I can’t wait to see the midwifery program grow and flourish. Being a midwife is so rewarding because bearing a child is such a beautiful gift that changes your life forever. I love that I’m able to experience that with my patients. It can be very stressful, but my goal is to provide guidance and comfort during the process.”

Mica adds that her favorite groups to work with are the teenage and the low socioeconomic status populations.

“I love to provide education and motivation to patients to achieve their goals in life,” Mica says. “I was also a young, single mom that used all the resources that were provided.”

Mica understands the importance of a strong relationship between a provider and patient.

“Developing a trusting relationship with your provider is pivotal to the care provided,” she shares. “It is important for the patient to feel heard and valued so they feel safe during their care.”

In fact, Mica started a group prenatal care program that provided a close community for moms who needed support and education.

“I’m still in contact with many of the previous patients that were part of it,” she says.

Overall, Mica approaches care in a very understanding and supportive manner.

“I value autonomy in patients making informed decisions about their care,” she explains. “I am empathetic of the outside factors that can influence health and know the importance of addressing those needs.”

Outside of practicing medicine, Mica loves to work out, travel and spend time with her family as well as her friends.

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