Rachel Brose and David Grisby

My Enjoyable Annual Physical Visit

Sandra Mackey | May 4 2021

An annual physical can feel like such a chore. Putting it off as long as possible seems like the easy way out, but it always seems to catch up with you eventually.

But this visit is one I could do all over again. Why? Because of the care and great customer service I received from beginning to end. Today, in particular, reminded me of the important role that many different people play in caring for patients every day, and that was evident today when I came across Rachel Brose (pictured above, left).

Every day, Rachel, a CT Technologist, makes the trek from Independence, KY, to The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health in Cincinnati, OH passing many other hospitals along the way. The new mom spoke with pride about working through the COVID-19 pandemic after having her baby last July.

Rachel beamed when I asked her why she worked at Mercy Health. Her answer – “I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

She went on to speak about the joy she gets from meeting new patients every day as they rotate through the CT suite as well as the wonderful relationships she has with her colleagues. The warm expression shone through her mask with an incredible pride and obvious passion for what she does.

As I was leaving The Jewish Hospital with a clean bill of health from a caring, outstanding physician, I was greeted in the lobby by hospital ambassador David Grisby (pictured above, right) with the same warm friendly expression that I could feel through his mask when I arrived. And to top it off, he sent me on my way with my pick of the candy bowl that he offers to patients as they leave.

To Rachel, David and all the other people who dedicate their lives to making the patient experience such a good one… thank you!

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Sandra Mackey

Sandra Mackey is the chief marketing officer for Bon Secours Mercy Health. In this role, she is responsible for marketing, communications, digital, brand and creative strategy to support health care delivery across the ministry.

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