Cliff, Maria and Square

Lourdes Hospital Recognizes Three African American Team Members

Feb 26 2021

At Mercy Health, we celebrate the rich diversity of our team every day. The contributions made by our African American staff members as well as the amazing care they provide to our patients, families and visitors are apparent all year long.

With February’s designation as Black History Month, we asked our leadership team at Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital to highlight some of our African American teammates who are going above and beyond in their work. The response was overwhelming, but here, in the words of their supervisors, are the stories of three staff members making a difference in our health ministry.

Square Winston, Operating Room Transporter

As described by Zandra Maxfield, Director of Perioperative Services:

Square (pictured above right) has this amazing smile. Not just for people he knows, but for every person he passes he smiles. He stops to assist when someone looks lost. If he sees someone carrying something, lifting something, or just looking like they could use a kind word, Square does and is whatever is needed. He has a way of making himself a part of every department in the hospital, just by being a friend. Once Square comes to get a patient, to drop a patient off or to get a supply, you remember him, because he makes you feel like he knows you and cares for you! And he truly looks like he enjoys his job, like he is happy. If everyone absorbed just a little of his attitude, we would all smile a little more every day!

Maria Blue, RN

As described by Travis Drake, Director of Emergency Services:

Maria (pictured above middle) has the perfect match of strong clinical aptitude with being a natural leader. She has used these skill sets to provide amazing care by responding to medical emergencies, providing frontline leadership, and mentoring new staff in a variety of areas. The pandemic has impacted the entire hospital and Maria’s response was to make a difference through her leadership and by volunteering for extra work on the frontlines in our COVID-19 unit.

Cliff Walker, Director of Environmental Service Department

As described by Alan Archibold, CFO:

As the leader of the 42-member team, Cliff (pictured above left) is responsible for the overall cleanliness of the facility, ensuring an environment that is as safe as possible for members of our community. He recently relocated to Paducah from Cincinnati, OH and has quickly become a valued member of our leadership team.

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