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Amanda’s Love for Her Patients and Appreciation for Her Mentors

Mar 28 2022

As part of our celebration of National Doctors’ Day coming up this week, Mercy Health is proud to recognize the talented, dedicated physicians who care for us. Our ministry also wants to express appreciation for advanced practice clinicians, who partner with physicians in a team-based approach to providing the best possible care to the people in our communities.

Amanda D. Laird, CNP, MSN, has been an acute nurse practitioner for three years. She originally started at Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Medical Center as a medical-surgical nurse in 2015.

“As soon as I started working as a floor nurse, I knew I wanted more,” she shares. “I wanted to extend my knowledge and have the ability to touch more patient lives. Going back to school to expand my abilities was high on my list of priorities.”

Amanda feels that helping families and patients understand their disease as well as treatment options are key components to the quality care she provides.

“I love to spend time explaining things to patients and families so they have a real understanding of what is going on with their care. I feel like patients often just do what we say with little understanding of what’s happening. I want my patients to know the ‘why’ and let them make the best choices for their care.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has made Amanda put into perspective the value of provider relationships. She appreciates the work each person does to create a productive patient experience.

“I have seen people stand up and work harder than they ever have to make sure patients receive the care they need. Everyone worked long shifts and extra hours. I have created many mentors over my years at Mercy Health including Dr. William Cole. He worked to grow me into an independent and competent provider. He helped me build my brand and practice to what it is today. I am also grateful for Dr. Sandeep Patel and Dr. Anne Edgerton, who have spent hours teaching me about their specialties.”

Outside of work, Amanda enjoys visiting her sons at college and traveling.

Help us celebrate National Doctors’ Day by sharing a heartfelt message of appreciation for your Mercy Health provider! Please visit mercy.com/doctorsday before March 30 to submit your message of thanks.

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