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Healthy Ways to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

May 22 2020

“I’m bored!”

These might be the two most dreaded words parents hear during June, July and August. Now that eLearning is done for the summer, you’ll need creative ideas for entertaining the kids.

Rather than letting your kids snack all day and play video games, consider these healthy ways to keep them busy all summer. They’re fun for the whole family!

Explore the neighborhood on wheels

Sunshine and warm weather are the perfect ingredients for outdoor fun. Go for a walk early in the day before the temperature gets too hot. It’s a great way to get some exercise in.

Having a set of wheels makes the activity even more fun because kids can go fast. Whether it’s a bike, skateboard, roller skates or a scooter, wheels make zipping around the neighborhood a breeze.

Take the kids on a different route each day and look for sights you haven’t seen before. Wear helmets and protective gear and have water on hand to stay hydrated. Also, stay six feet away from other people you come across.

Locate constellations in the back yard

On a clear night, head out to the back yard once the sun goes down. Spread out a blanket, lie down and look at the stars. Teach your kids about constellations and try to identify as many as possible.

Make it an all-night affair by pitching a tent and camping out. Make shadow puppets with flashlights and take turns telling silly stories. If you have a fire pit, toast marshmallows and make s’mores.

Learn gardening basics

Kids of all ages love playing in the dirt. Encourage digging holes and having some messy fun by planting a garden.

Let your kids choose a butterfly garden or vegetable garden. There are hundreds of species of butterflies in the United States, and with the right flowers, you can attract many of them to your yard.

On the other hand, a vegetable garden allows kids to grow their own food that you can take to the kitchen to make tasty dishes.

Experiment with healthy recipes

Being stuck indoors on a rainy day doesn’t mean that kids have to spend the entire time in front of the TV. You can spend hours in the kitchen making delicious treats.

Take a little time to research easy and healthy recipes that your kids will love. Let them get hands-on with measuring, mixing and cooking.

You don’t have to spend lots of money or go very far to have a healthy summer. There are so many things you can do right in your neighborhood and at home. Staying active, getting hydrated and eating nourishing snacks are the key ingredients for a healthy and happy summer.

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