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Tori and Lucas Explain Cardiac Rehab

Feb 2 2023

“Cardiac rehabilitation has the potential to change your heart’s future,” Tori Kluck (pictured above, left), an exercise physiologist at Mercy Health — Tiffin Hospital, explains.  

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised program that includes exercise, support, counseling and education. At our ministry, we have a comprehensive program that helps patients recover from various heart conditions. This program has specialized exercise physiologists, like Tori, who understand the effect exercise has on cardiovascular health and uses specific forms of exercise to reduce or reverse individual issues.

“We treat individuals with cardiac and pulmonary complications, as well as individuals who have been diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease,” Lucas Clouse (pictured above, right), who is also an exercise physiologist at Tiffin Hospital, adds. “People who qualify for cardiac rehab are those who have had recent heart procedures like stents, bypass or valve repairs. In addition to treating individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, or COPD, we also see patients who have experienced breathing complications following a COVID-19 infection.”    

As for cardiac patients following a procedure, it is important for them to start being physically active to restore strength to their heart and body. By participating in the rehab program, our team can monitor these patients during exercise by observing their heart rhythms and making necessary adjustments if needed.

“Patients can experience anxiety during exercise if they experience shortness of breath, but by engaging in the rehab program, our staff can monitor their oxygen levels and blood pressure to reassure them that the exercise is safe,” Lucas shares. “We also provide education that allows them to learn more about safe exercise at home and what they can do to live a healthier lifestyle.”

Although exercising is the main component of our cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, it’s also about connecting with patients.

“We build a relationship with them besides just knowing their medical history,” Tori says. “We make them feel welcome when they come into exercise and make sure we give them a good experience.” 

Learn more about the cardiac rehabilitation programs we offer at Mercy Health.

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