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How Resource Mothers Care for Moms and Kids

Jul 30 2018

Single mother finds hope through Mercy Health support system

Dary’l was a young woman who felt scared and alone. She was pregnant with her first child, and did not have anyone to lean on.

“You might be smiling in a store, but when you go home, you might cry behind closed doors,” Dary’l said.

But when she was eight months into her pregnancy, a friend introduced her to Pam, an employee with Resource Mothers. She learned that Resource Mothers is a program through Mercy Health that provides support to women during their pregnancy and throughout the first year of the baby’s life.

Pam and Dary’l quickly developed a critical bond that would change both their lives and the life of Dary’l’s newborn son.

Through the program, Pam made monthly visits to Dary’l’s home, serving as mentor, teacher, advocate and friend. She taught her about safe sleep, properly installing a car seat, and how to cook healthier meals. The Resource Mothers program also offers educational information about infant care, nutrition, immunizations and parenting skills. And they sponsor biweekly group meetings for the moms to share and compare experiences.

“I am a single mother,” Dary’l said. “At first it was a struggle for me…I didn’t know how life was going to go. But with Resource Mothers, the support system that they have – the other mothers, the staff – it’s just wonderful. It feels good to be around other people that know exactly what you’re going through.”

The program helped Dary’l establish lifelong relationships and the courage to face the challenges of motherhood with a renewed faith.

“[Resource Mothers] can really change lives,” she says. “It can really make you want to better yourself as a human being, as a mother, as anything in the world.

“To be honest, I don’t think I’d be where I’m at today, not as great of a mother as I am today Even though I struggle with my son, the support was so great,” Dary’l said. “Landen…he was the greatest gift in the world. It’s amazing to see a child grow”

Through programs such as Resource Mothers, our promise is to be there for you, so you can be there for everyone who loves you, because every patient is the center of a universe.

Landen is the center of Dary’l’s universe, and now we want to know…who is the center of yours?

Learn more about Mercy Health here.

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