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Health Care for the Universe of You

Jul 30 2018

Because we’re never caring for just one patient

If you were to find out you needed an emergency open heart surgery, what would your first thought be?

When Curtis was faced with this situation, he thought about what it might be like for his wife to be alone, and the fact that he might not get to spend time with his grandkids.

Similarly, his daughter, Carissa, was terrified. She didn’t know if the last time she’d seen her dad would be the last time she ever saw him. She waited for five hours through his quadruple bypass heart surgery to find out.

“I was told that I was in the most capable hands in the world,” said Curtis, who had suffered a heart attack that caused his heart to stop, just a few hours before his surgery. “But you’re still thinking…what if I don’t make it?”

Carissa says she isn’t just grateful that Mercy Health was there for her dad — she’s thankful the Mercy Health team was there to support her through the surgery as well. And when Curtis came out of surgery, his daughter was there to greet him with a smile.

“Without Mercy Health, I really shudder to think what might happen,” Curtis said. “Mercy Health — all of the surgeons, all of the nurses, technicians, and everyone there — made sure I was able to go back home and still be with [my family.]”

Health care is never just about treating one person. It’s about caring for that person, and all the people who make up their world.

After all, every person is the center of a universe, and that’s why we make every patient the center of ours.

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